Economic Self-Sufficiency D-SNAP


D-SNAP provides food assistance for individuals and families affected by a recent disaster, who are not receiving food assistance benefits in the regular Food Assistance Program.

To qualify for D-SNAP benefits, the household must:

  • live in a designated disaster county;
  • have food loss, damage to home or self-employment property, a delay, reduction, or loss of income due to the disaster, or have disaster-related expenses;
  • have available assets and income less than the limits required for this program;
  • complete a D-SNAP application during the designated period, and
  • provide proof of identity.

You will need the following information for all individuals for whom you are applying:

  • date of birth;
  • social security numbers (if you have one);
  • income information, (such as take-home pay [wages or self-employment], child support, Unemployment Compensation, Social Security, pension or retirement, disability, or any other money), balances in checking and savings accounts, and
  • disaster-related expenses.

To apply for benefits, you can:

  • Pre-register for the D-SNAP program by completing these on-line pre-registration pages and electronically submitting the registration. To use this D-SNAP pre-registration web site you will need some form of identification.
  • You may also visit a D-SNAP site in your area where you will complete an application, provide proof of identity, and be interviewed to determine your eligibility for benefits.
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If you have forgotten your password and/or your pre-registration number, you can still finish an incomplete pre-registration or check the status by clicking on the "Forgot Password or Pre-Registration Number" button. You must enter either your D-SNAP pre-registration number or the Florida Driver's License/Florida ID you entered in pre-registration, your date of birth, and the security question and answer you used.

When completed, click on the CONTINUE button below.

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